Director: Austin Snell
Cast: Lynn Lowry, Carmen Anello, Owen Lawless
Production Company: Sunrunner Films
Runtime: 77 minutes

Emily Dickinson once wrote, “Nature is a Haunted House – but Art – a House that tries to be haunted.” She was enthralled by the natural world and felt that creativity was a way to connect to it. Austin Snell’s new film Exposure (2018) embraces this concept before taking it to a much darker place.

In the movie, a young couple with relationship problems goes to a cabin in the mountains to work out their differences. They discover their surroundings are haunted by an ancient evil with the ability to turn human beings into hideous monsters.

Carmen Anello from Zombie Beauty Pageant: Drop Dead Gorgeous (2018) faces some deep fears and heavy emotions in the role of Myra. Owen Lawless from Hell Town (2015) slowly descends into madness as her troubled partner James.


Lynn Lowry of The Crazies (1973), Shivers (1975), and Hell’s Kitty (2018) appears briefly as James’ ill-fated grandmother. She has a great dramatic moment that clears up some questions before moving the narrative into its tragic final stages.

This movie shares a few of the same key concepts as Evil Dead (1981) like an evil force in the woods, total isolation, and demonic possession. On the other hand, Exposure is more of a dramatic character study that slowly unveils its sinister secrets.

The film’s special effects makeup and gore scenes by Jake Jackson are top-notch. The wounds and mutations found in the movie are pretty spectacular and really convincing. The demon in the film takes a while to show up, but he’s definitely worth the wait! Things get nasty from that point onward…


The beautiful songs written by Tony Lichter and Bruce Snell that are performed by Westfall certainly help to establish that the main characters had some good times in the past. They also underline the sadness that comes with the passing of those times.

Exposure goes from a dramatic look at a couple’s last chance for happiness to the fiery gates of hell. It becomes an entirely different movie by the time the finale rolls around. See it with someone who can appreciate both romance and monsters…

– John Migliore

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