Director: Joe McReynolds
Cast: Darcel Danielle, Diana Rose, Leviticus Wolfe
Production Company: Nuclear Reel Pictures
Runtime: 120 minutes

The truth might be out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find. Sometimes, the deeper you go into a mystery, the more confusing it becomes. Director Joe McReynolds examines madness, corruption, and the unknown in his new film Inhumanity (2018).

In the movie, Jessa (Darcel Danielle) awakens from a coma months after being attacked by a notorious serial killer. She is told that her father committed suicide during that time, but feels there is more to his untimely death. Is there a conspiracy involving the police and a psychotic murderer?

Darcel Danielle gives us a strong performance as the movie’s lead character. She successfully expresses a wide range of emotions while remaining psychologically strong and determined. Her previous work as a stunt person also came in handy here.


Ford Austin from Zombie Babies (2011) plays a private investigator named Sergio. His character is brash and even amiable at times, but his alcoholism makes him pretty unreliable. Still, he does manage to do some good over the course of the movie.

Leviticus Wolfe plays a serial killer named Six Pack Sam with vicious intensity. This is his first film, and he’s definitely off to a good start. His character has some added complexity since his psyche is torn between his evil nature and his new drug-induced personality.

The movie is an interesting mix of police drama, horror, and action. There’s even a little science fiction in there. In fact, the film seems to move in and out of each genre instead of being an even blend of all of them. That certainly makes things less predictable!


McReynolds also makes some interesting choices in both lighting and composition. The film’s opening scene is a chaotic montage of text and images that provides us with background information. The use of split screen and intense lighting also grabbed my attention.

The film has nudity, gore, and more than a few surprises too. It also refuses to tie everything up neatly, much like a John Carpenter production. Inhumanity takes you on a trip that includes crime, drama, action and horror. Be ready for the twists and turns…

– John Migliore

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