Director: Joshua Coates
Cast: Pooch Hall, Grant Harvey, Alice Rose
Production Company: 20/20 Visions Entertainment Group
Runtime: 109 minutes

No one knows the day or hour in which the world will end, but there will be signs. Will we be able to recognize these signs when we do see them? Director Joshua Coates provides us with a startling look into the beginning of the end in But Deliver Us from Evil (2017).

In the film, Jeremiah Young (Grant Harvey) has visions that he doesn’t understand. Simultaneously, a female serial killer is targeting spiritual leaders around the city. Somehow, Jeremiah is connected with the killer, holding the key to her demonic agenda.

Grant Harvey from Jersey Shore Shark Attack (2012) plays Jeremiah, a student with a past shrouded in mystery. He’s a likeable character, but stuck in a perpetual state of confusion. Jeremiah also happens to be a sleepwalker, making his troubles even worse.


Pooch Hall from Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror (2006) is excellent in the role of Pete Johnson. He’s a college football player with instincts that open him up to a greater reality. Alice Rose plays the wicked Lilith. She’s both seductive and chilling in her first feature film role.

Eric Roberts from The Prophecy II (1998), Sharktopus (2010), The Human Centipede III (2015), and many other horror movies plays Leigh Warring. He’s only seen briefly in this film, but I do always enjoy spotting him in independent features.

But Deliver Us from Evil presents us with some interesting views on faith and religion, as well as the eternal struggle of good versus evil. Jewish folklore is explored and mixed with Christian views of the Apocalypse. If religion class had been this interesting I would have paid closer attention!


Digital effects are employed to create the look of a high-tech broadcast news magazine, and on-screen social media exchanges. These effects make the film’s events seem more real, and firmly ground them in today’s society. There are a few other computer-generated surprises along the way too.

The movie has a far-reaching story with a large cast of well-developed characters. This allows the plot to unfold like a Stephen King novel. An animated opening sequence and a great soundtrack add to an already polished product. But Deliver Us from Evil is a modern parable on the nature of demons…

– John Migliore

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