Director: Les Mahoney
Cast: Rachel Alig, Glenda Morgan Brown, Les Mahoney
Production Company: Vagabond Entertainment
Runtime: 83 minutes

Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we go. Will we make it back alive? Les Mahoney explores the darker side of senior care in At Granny’s House (2015). He wrote, directed and plays an important role in the film too.

In the movie, Rebecca (Rachel Alig) is hired as a caregiver for an elderly woman. She soon convinces Marion (Glenda Morgan Brown) that they should offer free accommodations to travellers online. When the visitors arrive, Rebecca’s true intentions are revealed…


Rachel Alig from Ghostline (2015) and 12/12/12 (2012) smoulders in the role of Rebecca Torrance. Her character goes from being considerate to malevolent and carnal. Her motives change over the course of the movie, making her believable and a real danger.

Bill Oberst Jr. from Werewolf Rising (2014), Hell’s Kitty (2018), and Death Camp (2018) makes a special appearance as an investigator named Lavrans Boarstag. His mere presence adds an immediate sense of tension to the plot. His scenes are among the film’s best moments.

At Granny’s House also brings to light how the aged are often pushed aside, or taken advantage of by ruthless people. This is a real problem in today’s aging society, so this theme really hit home for me. On the other hand, this film also proves that being old doesn’t make you a pushover…


The inclusion of references to Marion’s home being out of the way, and creepy examples of taxidermy, bring to mind similar themes from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960). That movie was one of the first to show that ordinary-looking people could be monsters. We see that here too…

The movie has a few surprising twists that I didn’t expect to see. The unpredictability of events in the second half of the narrative really caught my interest. No spoilers here, you’re going to want to see the story unfold on your own!

Even the end credits have something interesting to offer. Beside each actor’s name is an image of an item that they’re associated with in the movie. At Granny’s House is a pleasant visit with a sweet old lady, that just happens to end in murder…

– John Migliore

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