Director: Bazz Hancher
Cast: Richard Robotham, Lee Mark Jones, Adam Woodhouse
Production Company: White Raven Films
Runtime: 80 minutes

White Goods (2018) is politically incorrect, inappropriate, and has moments that are just damn wrong! Those are the essential ingredients of this very amusing horror/comedy. Director Bazz Hancher doesn’t avoid a single taboo in his first feature-length film.

In the movie, Rio Tard (Richard Rowbotham) finds a magic box in the wall of a haunted house. When he opens it, a demonic power is unleashed. Now, when Rio fixes people’s appliances, they become the instruments of death and destruction…


The film is loaded with over the top characters with broad acting styles that are often absurd in nature. Sometimes, when it’s not completely bonkers, the dialogue can even be subtle and witty. I guess the movie just struck my funny bone from the right direction.

White Goods has several laugh out loud moments that I had to go back and watch more than once. In many ways, it puts a lot of mainstream comedies to shame. I’ve seen big Hollywood romps that didn’t make me giggle as much as this movie!

Lee Mark Jones from Spidarlings (2016) is funny in the role of a dubious spiritualist known as Keef Raven. Adam Woodhouse is simply hilarious in the role of the narrator. I savoured every moment he was on the screen! Woodhouse also plays Mike and Augusto Sister in the movie.


If I had to compare this movie to another one out there, it would have to be Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste (1987). It also has a similar sense of humour to Jackson’s Meet the Feebles (1989). High praise indeed considering this film was made on a shoestring budget.

Let’s not forget this is also a horror film! The practical gore effects are outstanding. From severe burns to hanging eyeballs and exploding heads, this one has it all. The digital effects that are sprinkled about the movie are pretty cool too.

Movies like this one are the reason I love independent cinema. It goes against the grain, and entertains in a manner conventional movies can’t touch. White Goods is loaded with laughs and dripping with gore. I wouldn’t have it any other way…

– John Migliore

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