Director: Tom Ryan
Cast: Heather Brittain O’Scanlon, Scott Gorbach, Russ Hackett
Production Company: Theatre of Terror
Runtime: 91 minutes

There’s nothing quite like going to the theatre. An old-fashioned playhouse can be a great place to see a unforgettable film, but it can also have a story all it’s own. Tom Ryan’s Theatre of Terror (2018) takes us to the movies for an interesting collection of creepy fables.

In the movie, Amber (Lauren Renahan) goes to a run-down theatre in order to save it. She meets Colin (Tom Ryan) who informs her she’s too late. He volunteers to take her on a tour of the vintage theatre, sharing spooky stories along the way…

The film’s framing sequence is set at the beautiful Loew’s Jersey Theatre in Jersey City. It’s a classical movie palace with decorative cathedral ceilings. This is the first of many wonderful locations that this movie has to offer its viewers.


The Gift is the tale of a prostitute (Heather Brittain O’Scanlon) that hides in an antique shop after fleeing from the scene of a crime. The shopkeeper (Adam Ginsberg) helps her to remember her past life. This segment has a solid twist ending that’s rather unexpected.

The Bookworm is about a wealthy young man (Scott Gorbach) who purchases a library as his own personal retreat. He soon discovers that it’s home to more than just books. This short story features eye-catching creepy crawlies and a lot of sticky special effects.

Chavez County residents have mysteriously disappeared in Abducted. Ned (Russell Hackett) discovers a UFO in the woods around his property. Could it have something to do with those missing people? Awesome effects and a surprising finale make this one an entertaining ride.


Endangered chronicles the exploits of three activists on a personal mission to save the timber wolf. They meet a strange family in the woods that may just change their minds. You’ll see a hairy creature, cool makeup effects, and some exceptional lighting as well.

Theatre of Terror will remind you that it’s fun to go to the movies, but safer to stay at home…

– John Migliore

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