Director: Robin Entreinger
Cast: Claire Suchet, Valentin Bonhomme, Alexandra Bialy
Production Company: Seven Light
Runtime: 67 minutes

Your parents probably told you not to be afraid of the dark. After all, there’s nothing in the shadows that isn’t there when the lights are on. At least, that’s what they told you. Director Robin Entreinger touches on our most basic fear in his film The Darkest (2017).

In the movie, a troubled married couple decides to go hiking in the mountains, hoping for a romantic weekend. Once night falls, they discover that they’re not alone in the wilderness. Their situation is worsened by a moonless night, and having to deal with total darkness.

Claire Suchet does a great job expressing her terror in the role of Céline. Valentin Bonhomme from Victimes (2012) and Sadik 2 (2013) plays a creepy and socially awkward character named Christophe. He’s a tough one to figure out. Both of those films were also directed by Entreinger.


Sound is usually an important element for most films, but here it is completely essential. Many scenes are completely blacked out due to problems with different light sources. That means we’re literally left in the dark during some of the most intense moments of the movie!

Even though you might not be able to see anything, you can always hear what’s going on. That’s not exactly comforting, especially considering what might be happening at the time. I’m betting this film had a lot of people screaming when viewed in a darkened theatre!

The original music by Johan Ducher really helps to enhance some of the scariest events in the movie. His musical stings are used to punctuate all the most frightening scenes. That’s especially important in this film, which is loaded with jump scares and other surprises.


The movie won the title of “Best Feature Film” from both the Moscow European Film Festival and the Miami Independent Film Festival. It also picked up awards for “Best Sound” and “Best Opening” from the Independent Horror Movie Awards.

The plot of the movie grows more sinister as it continues to moves forward. I wasn’t sure who to trust, or even what to believe at some points. I was both literally and figuratively left in the dark. The Darkest will have you looking desperately for the nearest light switch…

– John Migliore

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