Director: Nicholas Ferwerda
Cast: Meredith Heinrich, Jenny Fischer, Mark Brombacher
Production Company: Kadelburg Productions
Runtime: 12 minutes

Have you got trouble? Wait! Don’t run. This kind of trouble is lots of fun. Well, maybe you should run! Director Nicholas Ferwerda explores bonding time with Family Game Night (2018).

In the movie, a family invites a homeless man to have dinner with them. Unfortunately for him, they also have a fiendish game they intend to play…

Family Game Night is an official selection of the Toronto Indie Horror Festival this year. In fact, the short film is just beginning its festival run.


Ferwerda also directed two other horror shorts, entitled Hickey (2015) and Woman in White (2016). He’s also the associate director of the upcoming film The Slaughter at Sumac Ditch.

Meredith Heinrich from Lady Psycho Killer (2015) gives a perfectly deadpan performance as Tammy. Mark Brombacher from Grey Zone (2017) is fun to watch as Mark.

The short does a great job of building up suspense before revealing the true meaning behind family game night. There are chuckles along the way too…


I especially enjoyed the use of the cell phone in this film. It really helped to cement the characters as a real family with rules and expectations.

The red wine from 1986 that is served to the homeless man is special for another reason besides the one given in the short. It also happens to be the year screenwriter Jon Kohan was born!

Family Game Night is quality time with the people you love, and probably someone you don’t…

– John Migliore

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