Director: Gregory Blair
Cast: Nichole Bagby, Andy Gates, David Leeper
Production Company: PIX/SEE Productions
Runtime: 71 minutes

Spring is almost here, and it’s time to plan a quaint little social gathering in the backyard. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get the blood off the lawn furniture before doing it again next year. Garden Party Massacre (2018) is directed by Gregory Blair who also gave us Deadly Revisions (2013).

In the movie, some friends set out to enjoy a pleasant garden party, until an unexpected visitor makes the scene. At least he’s considerate enough to bring his own pickaxe! The friends try to come up with a plan, but the psycho killer stalks their every move.

The film has a distinctly theatrical flavour that’s very refreshing. All the events happen in one place, and during a single afternoon. It would be wonderful to see a stage production of this film in the future. In the meantime, be sure to see the movie version…


The characters are all quite likeable, and represent a wide-variety of archetypes. It’s no surprise that the cast won “Best Ensemble” (An Anti-Hero Production Genre Fest) and also “Outstanding Ensemble” (Los Angeles Academy of Film Awards and the Zed Fest Film Festival).

The movie’s score by composer Christopher Carlone was light and cheerful for the most part, with just the right amount of ironic resonance. The “Garden Party” title song by Bryan Aspey with vocalist Peter Stormare also added to the cheerful festivities.

The dialogue is laced with whimsical jokes and clever observations that are delivered at rapid-fire. The comedy isn’t only limited to witty word play. There’s a lot of physical, deadpan, and black comedy that will keep you laughing. Horror fans won’t be disappointed either…


I enjoyed picking up references to movies like Maniac (1980) and Halloween (1978). There are other comments and events that tie-in to other established horror genres, but you can discover those on your own. No sense pooping the party for anyone!

There are some great surprises in store for you in the third act of the movie. The twists and turns come as briskly as the film’s comedic elements. No spoilers here! Just be sure to stick around during the end credits to see a few bloopers as well.

Garden Party Massacre provides a bloody good time with friends and foes alike…

– John Migliore

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