Director: Chase Michael Pallante
Cast: Janet Miranda, Jason Torres, Shanae Harris
Production Company: R&F Entertainment
Runtime: 12 minutes

Is sleep paralysis a medical disorder, or a sign of spiritual manipulation? Defarious (2016) is a short film that walks the line between these opposing points of view.

In the movie, a young woman is tortured by vivid nightmares that she finds difficult to separate from her actual reality. The dreams are so strong, they may as well be real…

The short film is directed by Chase Michael Pallante, who also co-wrote the story with Zay Rodriguez. This is a strong debut for Pallante, which he will follow with Malignancy and Rasplata.


The original score by Jonathan Martinez is one of best things about this film. It’s very powerful, and reminiscent of the kind of music found in classic horror films.

The sound effects are also quite amazing. Pallante and Jose Julian Santiago were the sound designers on the film. It’s remarkable how much these effects add to the movie.

Janet Miranda from Flashdrive (2012) and Horrorween (2011) is excellent in the role of Amy. She definitely has scream queen potential! I look forward to her next project…

Jason Torres from Unwelcome Advances (2017) is both creepy and brutally violent in the lead role of Defarious. His freaky clown makeup adds even more chills to the proceedings.


The movie has received a number of awards including “Best Horror/Thriller” (Birghtside Tavern Film Festival), “Best Horror” and “Best Sound Design” (Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards), and “Best Film” (Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest).

Defarious is a wonderful mix of supernatural thrillers and slasher movies, with a soundtrack that will knock your socks off. Wake up and scream for it, if you dare…

– John Migliore

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