Director: Brett Mullen
Cast: Alex Elliott, Rob Springer, Samantha Mills
Production Company: The Drive-In Film Series
Runtime: 80 minutes

You may not be able to bring back the past, but with a little help you can certainly relive it. Bombshell Bloodbath (2014) will awaken memories of beloved zombie movies from long ago. It’s something new from a tradition that has an extraordinary history.

In the movie, Cara’s father is obsessed with bringing his wife back from the dead. An accident causes his experimental chemicals to change his daughter into the living dead. She must protect her father’s secret while dealing with her violent urges…

Bombshell Bloodbath was directed by Brett Mullen, who most recently made Bloody Ballet (2018). Both of these films have a nostalgic feel to them, which is often attractive to long-time horror fans. Mullen is clearly an admirer of the bygone days of terror cinema.


The movie is a loving tribute to the Italian zombie movies produced in the eighties. Fulci’s City of the Living Dead (1980) and The Beyond (1981) immediately come to mind, but the movie also has a lot in common with Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator (1985).

The soundtrack was composed by Matt Hill, going by Umberto for this one. He also created the music for Bloody Ballet and Shhhh (2018). His music perfectly captures the sense of connection this film has to those that proceeded it in the genre. It just works on every level.

This film will soon be re-released under a new title. Dead Inferno will be a two-disc deluxe collector’s set from TetroVideo Distribution. This version will include interviews, deleted scenes, documentaries and many more never-before-seen extras.


Bombshell Bloodbath will soon live again as Dead Inferno. Pick up this re-animated horror film and enjoy everything it has to offer…

– John Migliore

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