Director: Guto Parente
Cast: Ana Luiza Rios, Tavinho Teixeira, Zé Maria
Production Company: Tardo
Runtime: 81 minutes

“When the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich.”

That’s a startling quotation attributed to political philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Unfortunately, it also suggests that the wealthy will devour the needy until a change takes place. Director Guto Parente makes us wonder who will come out on top in The Cannibal Club (2018).

In the movie, Otavio and Gilda are a murderous couple that belong to an elite group. The club members are all ruthless cannibals. Gilda discovers a secret about the group leader that puts them in danger. Can they survive an attack from one of their vicious peers?

The Cannibal Club is a crime drama with plenty of horror elements. It’s like a strange combination of Scarface (1983) and Hannibal (2001). The criminals in this story are rich and powerful, and they use their influence to get away with more than murder…


Made in Brazil, the film is in Portuguese with English subtitles. It’s a scathing commentary on the less reputable members of Brazil’s upper class, gang violence, and political corruption. The individuals in this movie quite literally live off the poor.

The Cannibal Club is a dark comedy, but don’t assume you’re going to laugh out loud. Instead, it’s a sarcastic and satirical look at the darkness that comes from a lack of balance. The comical moments spring from outrageous situations and entitled characters.

The original score by Fernando Catatau perfectly enhances the themes explored in this film. His music can be playful, aggressive, ominous, and even unconventional. It’s a compelling soundtrack, like those found in a stylish David Lynch movie.


This movie is loaded with full-frontal nudity and bold scenes of perverse sexuality. It goes a lot further than what we typically expect to see in a domestic film. The extreme violence seen here also follows a very similar formula…

Impressive gore effects help to connect this story to the horror genre. These scenes are realistic, bloody, and often startling in nature. The cannibalism is handled in a very direct way, leaving very little to the imagination. This movie is up in your face from the very start.

The Cannibal Club is gruesome, brutal, and brimming with sexual deviance. You should indulge in its wickedness…

– John Migliore

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