Director: Matt Mitchell
Cast: Laura Swift, Patrick Knowles, Christopher Tajah
Production Company: Lost Eye Films
Runtime: 94 minutes

Remember your instructions and save the world. That is the basic premise of Matt Mitchell’s newest horror film, The Rizen (2017). Mitchell is also known for the entertaining hybrid movie, Gangsters, Guns & Zombies (2012).

In the movie, a resourceful woman must lead a small group of survivors past odd faceless creatures that want to kill them. They don’t remember why they’ve awakened inside an underground base, but they do know that they must escape.


The movie begins in an unknown location, with characters who don’t initially remember anything about themselves or their situation. We only know as much as they know, which is always an interesting way to tell a story.

The plot of this film is somewhat comparable to that of Resident Evil (2002). Basically, the characters in both films are in a base full of monsters that must be contained. The creatures even reminded me of the bubble head nurses from Silent Hill (2006).

Both of the films mentioned above were originally based on video games, and this movie has some ties to that genre as well. For example, the characters keep finding common objects that they collect and use to help them with their quest.


The fight scenes in this movie are a lot of fun to watch. They’re loaded with action, melodrama, laughs, and excessive violence. I’d go so far as to suggest that the various battles with the monsters were the high point of the movie.

Laura Swift is totally kick-ass in the role of Frances. She is best known for her skills as a stunt person, which she puts to good use in this film. Swift has also appeared in It Never Sleeps (2014) and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016).

I also really enjoyed Christopher Tajah in the role of Baughman. He provides much of the comic relief in the film, and portrays a very likable character. Patrick Knowles also has a few memorable moments as Briggs. Great performances and a spectacular ending make The Rizen a winner…

– John Migliore

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