Director: Michael Crum
Cast: Joshua Winch, Sheri Davis, Skyler Blodgett
Production Company: MGI Films
Runtime: 81 minutes

Would you go to hell and back to save the one you love? It would be much easier said than done! Still, the idea is an intriguing one. Director Michael Crum shows us the way in his supernatural horror film, Fall of Grace (2017).

In the movie, Jase and Tracy’s troubled marriage is further complicated when a demonic being abducts their daughter. Jase is obsessed with bringing her back from the other side and is willing to do almost anything to get his daughter home.

Joshua Winch from Lake Fear 3 (2018) literally goes through hell in the role of Jase. His character is multi-dimensional. He’s a devoted father, a lousy husband, and a man capable of great violence. Events wobble back and forth depending on his strengths and weaknesses.


Sheri Davis from House of Pain (2018) does a great job in the role of Tracy. She can play a really nasty human being, but can take it to another level when possessed! The cast also features Gerald Crum from Anna (2017) and Shanon Snedden from The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death (2017).

The film begins with what seems like a collection of random incidents, but they all come together soon enough. A news report about a possible supernatural occurrence ties these moments together and leads us into the main story.

Fall of Grace is loaded with creepy imagery and spooky lighting. There are a lot of weird things to see on the way to hell! The entire movie is surreal and comes across as a living nightmare. The film is also light on dialogue, allowing the gruesome images to speak for themselves.


There are some similarities to Poltergeist (1982) and The Evil Dead (1981) in this movie, but it does go off on its own direction too. The demons in the film reminded me of the Cenobites from Hellraiser (1987). They have a very distinctive look…

The makeup effects and creature designs by Gerald Crum are eye-catching. Many of the gore scenes are achieved in a practical way, but there are some effective digital techniques utilized too. Fall of Grace is a mind-bending trip to a darker world. You’ll fall too…

– John Migliore

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