Director: Lana Marks
Cast: David Gironda Jr., Andi Norris, Jeff Budner
Production Company: Lana Marks
Runtime: 5 minutes

Some neighbourhoods naturally attract students and artists to their streets. Maybe it’s just a convenient location, or perhaps affordable housing has something to do with it…

Whatever the reason, they’ve chosen to call those places home. That doesn’t mean everybody is happy about it. Look Out, L.A. (2019) by Director Lana Marks explores the possibilities….

In the short, Edward is expecting a visitor at his shared place in West Adams. He manages to frighten himself a few times while waiting, but is the real horror still to come?


The movie is a light horror comedy with a real passion for jump scares and the unexpected. The comic elements rise out of natural moments and funny dialogue.

David Gironda, Jr. from Zero World (2017) and Andi Norris from Sader Ridge (2013) also do a fine job conveying their laid-back friendship.

Modern technology plays a big part in this short film. Like most of us, Edward is a fervent user of his cell phone, computer, and social media. They provide quite a distraction…

The use of split screen and superimposed text messages also help to keep the short visually interesting. There’s a lot packed into five short minutes…


Don’t expect a lot of exposition in this one. There’s just not enough time for explanations. Marks could easily follow this short with another that could expand upon the story.

Look Out, L.A. shows the pitfalls of living in a trendy hotspot. Hipsters check in, but they don’t check out…

– John Migliore

To watch this short film, click the link below…

Look Out, L.A. on Vimeo