Director: Brad Douglas
Cast: Greg James, Michael Draper, Jonny Lee
Production Company: Barbed Wire Films
Runtime: 72 minutes

You’re on a weekend getaway with your closest buddies at your side. What could possibly go wrong? Well, maybe everything. Between the Trees (2018) is a new film by Director Brad Douglas that tells the story of a deranged killer with a few twists.

In the movie, Steve (Greg James) decides a weekend away with friends will help him deal with some serious marital issues. They soon discover they’re not alone in the forest. Before long, they’re hunting human prey, and the prey is hunting them right back…

Greg James from Vicious (2016) is outstanding as the troubled husband. He’s got a lot of emotion to deal with in this challenging role. The cast also features the talents of Michael Draper from Removed (2018) and Bethany Jacobs from Dead West (2016).


Marlyn Mason from Besetment (2017) really knocks one out of the park with a super hilarious cameo appearance! She’s known for more classic television than I have room to mention here. Be sure to follow the link below to see her many admirable achievements.

The characters in this movie start off like real friends. Their personalities don’t always match and some of them take advantage of their peers. They even make fun of each other. These details serve to add to the tension once events take a turn for the worst.

This film is an awesome combination of The Most Dangerous Game (1932), Deliverance (1972), and Wrong Turn (2003). They even make a few allusions to those films, especially the one featuring Burt Reynolds. Similar to all, but completely different at the same time…


There’s some great gore scenes in the movie as well! Can’t say too much about them without giving away the entire plot…

Between the Trees is full of sinister surprises. You may guess some of them, but you certainly won’t guess them all! Stick around for an additional scene after the end credits…

– John Migliore

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