Director: Mark Mackner
Cast: Mary Sack, Dahlia DeSade, J.D. Korejko
Production Company: Monstros Madre
Runtime: 89 minutes

Daisy kicks ass! Daisy kicks ass! Monsters won’t last. Daisy kicks ass!

Director Mark Mackner bring us the next adventure in his horror comedy series with Daisy Derkins vs. the Bloodthirsty Beast of Barren Pines! (2017).

In the movie, Daisy Derkins is a monster-fighting hero who meets up with a punk rock band, a group of female criminals, a crazy bounty hunter, and a family of mutant cannibals while in the woods. If all that isn’t enough, a carnivorous dinosaur roams among the trees….

This film is a direct sequel to Mackner’s Daisy Derkins: Dogsitter of the Damned (2013). Mary Sack successfully takes on the role of Daisy for this instalment. In an obvious nod to this movie, she’s also named Daisy in Camp Blood 666 (2016) and Flatwoods (2019).


And check out this indie-centric supporting cast…

Dahlia DeSade from The Half-Life Horror from Hell! (2014)
Gia Z. Taylor from Sloppy the Psychotic (2012)
J.D. Korejko from Evil Brew (2012)
Julie Ann Hamolko from Terror at Ten Acres (2012)
Doug Layne from Daisy Derkins: Dogsitter of the Damned (2013)
Rob Dimension from No Clowning Around (2012)
Dave Ferrier from Camp Blood 666 (2016)

Lloyd Kaufman makes a hilarious appearance as Wingate Van Cleef. Of course, he’s also known as the creative force behind Troma Entertainment and the director of The Toxic Avenger (1984). Mackner himself even shows up as a cannibal mutant in a gas mask.

Cedric Crouch from Invasion of the Reptoids (2011) appears as Heck Catastrophe. He also created the original score and the perpetually catchy theme song. The Piss Shivers provide additional songs for this kooky-ass movie too.


Mackner’s cinematic vision is an entertaining blend of Scooby-Doo (2002), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001), and Jurassic Park (1993). He also makes a bunch of references to popular culture, which are way too numerous to cover here!

Even Yahoo Serious gets his name dropped a few times…

Daisy Derkins vs. the Bloodthirsty Beast of Barren Pines! is a quirky creature feature with enough side stories to touch on a plethora of other genres. Sit back and enjoy the wacky ride…

– John Migliore

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