Directors: Joseph R. Davis and Brian Gerson
Cast: Jennifer Nangle, Garrett Lee, Amanda Cano
Production Company: Proco Production Company
Runtime: 27 minutes

Sometimes you just don’t feel like going out and facing people. Turns out you may be onto something. Joseph R. Davis and Brian Gerson bring you an evening to remember with That Night (2019).

In the movie, a troubled couple encounters an unexpected night of terror. A party becomes a nightmare when their hosts violently turn on them…

Jennifer Nangle from Lilith (2018) and lead actress of Malvolia: The Queen of Screams plays Rachel. She’s great in the role, which is both physically and emotionally challenging.

Nangle also wrote the story, basing it on true events.


Amanda Cano from Ancient Games (2018) teams with Raymond Vinsik Williams from Garden Party Massacre (2018) to create a visceral and sinister twosome. It wouldn’t be a party without them…

The short also features Garrett Lee from 60 Seconds to Di3 (2017) and Charles Chudabala from Ugly Sweater Party (2018) in strong supporting roles.

The music by Rocky Gray adds to the film’s tension and atmosphere. He’s also known for his work on 10/31 (2017), Cryptids (2017), and The Barn (2016).


The special effects by Chronix EFX were bloody and startling. They certainly helped to keep the events of the film grounded in the real world.

That Night brings chaos and horror once the sun goes down. Stay home and give it a watch…

The short will be released on January 31st.

– John Migliore

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