Director: Lorenzo Lepori and Roberto Albanesi
Cast: Pascal Persiano, Antonio Tentori, Simona Vannelli
Production Company: Baionetta Movies Production
Runtime: 70 minutes

Lorenzo Lepori from Notte Nuda (2018) and Roberto Albanesi from The Pyramid (2013) team up to create a movie directly inspired by Italian erotic horror comics of the seventies. Catacomba (2016) is the loving result of their dark obsession.

In the movie, a man decides to try out a new barber shop when he finds his usual place closed. Simone Chiesa from Non Nuotate in Quel Fiume (2016) plays the man in need of a trim. While waiting for his turn, he discovers a comic book called Catacomba and begins to read…

Evil Tree is the story of a man who encounters two biker witches in the forest. Be prepared for oral sex, bodily dismemberment, and cannibalism. This segment is brimming with sexualized gore. Talk about coming out of the gate strong!

Antonio Tentori from Paura 3D (2012) stars in this tale. He’s also a writer, best known for his work on A Cat in the Brain (1990), The Three Faces of Terror (2004), and Dracula 3D (2012). Giovanni Pianigiani from Christmaz (2013) appears as Satan.


In Alien Lover, a man discovers that his wife is cheating on him with an extraterrestrial being. This one is a bloody science fiction story that has more than a few surprises. Pio Bisanti from Resurrezione di Cuori (2009) plays the alien gigolo.

Una Messa Nera per Paganini is about an enthusiastic collector who owns the unpublished works of an infamous composer. A rising violinist must learn the secret of his collection at any cost. Tentori also worked with Lepori to create this segment’s screenplay.

Pascal Persiano of Voices from Beyond (1991) plays the doomed musician. This is the second time he’s been in a film about Paganini. The first was Paganini Horror (1989), which was directed by the legendary Luigi Cozzi.

La Maschera della Morte Rossa is a take on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death. This one is more surreal than the other stories, but remains connected due to its focus on sex and blood. Expect a lot of both in this carnal finale.


The illustrations by Lorenzo Lepori (not the director, but an artist with the same name) that appear in the comic book and transitions are incredible. They capture the style of the classic fumetti perfectly. I grew up with these seedy comics as a kid and was really impressed by his spirited work.

I also enjoyed the music by Luca Spadoni, who also happens to play a victim in Alien Lover.

Fans of movies like Tales from the Crypt (1972) and Creepshow (1982) will likely enjoy this film too. The comic book influences are similar and certainly make for an entertaining time. The movie is loaded with gore and nudity, which seems right considering the material that influenced it.

Hang around after the end credits for one more quick scene.

Catacomba takes horror eroticism to a new level, while also respecting its roots in Italian cinema and vintage comic books. Turn its cinematic pages if you dare…

– John Migliore

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