Director: Todd Jenkins
Cast: Billy Blair, Todd Jenkins, Justin Armstrong
Production Company: Movie Mafia Productions
Runtime: 112 minutes

Let’s have a bachelor party, with chicks and guns and Bigfoot and fire trucks… Hold on. Bigfoot?! Cherokee Creek (2018) is an outrageous horror comedy that awakens the beast in man and Sasquatch alike…

In the movie, a group of friends head to the woods for a rowdy bachelor party. They soon discover that they’re not alone! Bigfoot lurks in this forest, and he’s not happy about sharing his home with a bunch of horny trespassers. The ultimate party animal will have his day…

Director Todd Jenkins also wrote the screenplay and hilariously plays Jinx in the film. This is his debut feature, and shows he’s ready to entertain us. Billy Blair from The Harrowing (2017) is marvellously narcissistic in the role of Vinny Blades.


Justin Armstrong from The Ouija Experiment (2013), Justin Duncan from Ghost Note (2017), and Nellie Sciutto from Apocalypse Road (2016) also have interesting roles to play…

Cherokee Creek has the dubious distinction of being dropped from Amazon for what they consider to be offensive content. Thankfully, the movie can still be seen on iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

Should the movie have been pulled from Amazon? I really don’t think so. It’s a good old-fashioned horror comedy with ties to films like Bachelor Party (1984), Night of the Demon (1980), American Pie (1999), and even Pulp Fiction (1994).

On the other hand, you should still expect this movie to be loaded with sexual content, scatological humour, rude language, nudity, dismemberment, and a lot of other stuff people tend to get bent out of shape about. It’s a modern film, with the moral flexibility of a different time.


Jenkins also includes some hilarious inside information about the realities of indie filmmaking. Many of the characters work in the business as either actors or producers. They provide us with a sarcastic look at the industry that spawns these genre films.

We also get a funny take on atheism. Chad (Jeff Swearingen) is a total non-believer. He belittles the others for their interest in Bigfoot, ghosts, and alien visitors. Basically, he’s portrayed as the biggest dick at the party… until Jinx decides to drop his pants!

The special makeup effects by Andy Arrasmith and Emma Campbell are bloody and graphic. There’s a lot of gore-filled moments in the movie. The Bigfoot costume is quite good too.

Cherokee Creek will give you reason to laugh and scream at the same time. You may want to hold on to your genitals for safety’s sake…


The indie horror community rose up and was actually heard. Amazon has decided to put Cherokee Creek back on their streaming site. Let’s hope more of this sort of thing happens, since Amazon followed their original ban of Cherokee Creek with a purge that affected hundreds on indie horror titles.

– John Migliore

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