Director: Richard Powell
Cast: Astrida Auza, Robert Nolan, Jane Pokou
Production Company: Fatal Pictures
Runtime: 14 minutes

Someone calls you on the phone. You soon discover that they contacted you by mistake. You can hear their conversation. Do you listen? Maybe you won’t like what you hear…

In the short, an accidental pocket dial gives a concerned husband a surprising look into the darkness within his dear wife’s twisted mind…

The unintentional phone call that makes up this short is like a Machiavellian manifesto speech that has secretly gone viral. There’s no turning back…

Robert Nolan from Late Night Double Feature (2016) is fantastic in this film. He barely even utters a word, but sells the deepest emotions with his eyes and body language.


Astrida Auza from Lifechanger (2018) plays a devious villain that is clearly out of her mind. All this is conveyed brilliantly using only her voice. Another amazing performance!

Powell has also directed a number of other thrilling shorts, including Heir (2015), Familiar (2012), Worm (2010) and Consumption (2008).

The short earnestly shows that people can have dark thoughts and evil goals that are very different from their outward public persona.


It also brings to light how authentic social issues can be twisted around by unethical people in order to completely destroy someone’s reputation.

Hang Up! features incredible performances and dramatic tension. Just keep listening…

– John Migliore

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