Director: Steve Fabry and Michel Garsou
Cast: Kenny Vrancken, Ludovic Englebert, Michel Garsou
Production Company: WormHoleDeath Films
Runtime: 51 minutes

Do paranormal figures exist just beyond our realm of understanding? Director Steve Fabry sheds some light on this idea with The Nightstalker Case: Found Footage (2018).

In the movie, a man is found dead with a video camera laying beside him. The camera footage reveals evidence of a nocturnal predator in Natural City…

Could this case involve the Nightstalker?

The idea for the character originally came from a collection of songs by Sercati. The band’s members include Fabry, Yannick Martin and Simon Charlier.

The lyrics relate the character’s history, which Fabry later expanded upon in his book, Le Journal du Nighstalker from Le Monde de Etoiles.


This was followed by a short film called The Nightstalker: Poisoned Hunting. The character has also appeared in music videos and other short clips.

The Natural City Channel on YouTube also serves to create an interesting place in which the character can exist and operate. There are more Nightstalker short films there too…

This all helps The Nightstalker Case: Found Footage to stand apart from other films in this genre. It’s the investigation of a supernatural hero, which hasn’t really been done in this way.

Sercati’s band members also appear in the movie. They’re interviewed in order to see what they know, since they often sing about this mysterious figure.


The lengthy short is in French with English subtitles. It also uses many of the traditions you’d expect to see in a typical found footage film.

This movie certainly provides new information surrounding the Nighstalker, but it doesn’t go so far as to explain everything about this urban legend. The story probably doesn’t end here…

The Nightstalker Case: Found Footage chronicles the strange pursuit of a supernatural protector. Immerse yourself in his dark world…

– John Migliore

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