Director: Lorenzo Lepori
Cast: Pascal Persiano, Henrj Bartolini, Yana Proshkina
Production Company: 30 Holding
Runtime: 80 minutes

Demons are glorious, creatures are awesome, and Italians are cool. On all this, we horror fans should agree. Well, what are you waiting for exactly? You really need to see Lorenzo Lepori’s Notte Nuda (2018) as soon as humanly possible…

Paolo (Pascal Persiano) and Andrea (Henrj Bartolini) get together for what should be a lively evening. Events quickly spiral out of control, forcing them to dispose of a corpse in the woods. Once there, they encounter demons and other evil creatures that wish to destroy them…

It’s great to see Pascal Persiano from Demons 2 (1986) and Voices From Beyond (1991) as Paolo. He brings a lot of experience to the role and is very natural too. Henrj Bartolini, Simona Vannelli and others from Catacomba (2016) also appear in the film.


Yana Proshkina is as eye-catching and wonderful as she was in Possessione Demoniaca (2015). Pio Bisanti from Resurrezione Di Cuori (2009) and Antonio Tentori from Paura 3D (2012) make brief appearances. Tentori is also known for writing Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D (2012).

This movie is a masterful blend of The Evil Dead (1981), Demons (1985), and even Lifeforce (1986). It’s not derivative of those movies, but certainly is in the same vein. Notte Nuda is a loving throwback to what made horror movies great in the 1980s.

The special effects by Pizzolitto FX Studios are top notch. I also really enjoyed the original music by Terapia Dell’Imbarazzo, Cremo and Francesco Tredici. It was both moody and pulse-pounding when appropriate, reminding me of a giallo movie score.


Notte Nuda is loaded with gore, nudity, violence, monsters, and drug use. I’m not sure what else you could want from a horror movie! It’s a very entertaining flick that sets out to give its audience exactly what it came to see…

The film is in Italian and I forgot to turn on the subtitles before watching it. This didn’t turned out to be a problem since the movie is very accessible no matter what language you speak. There are few scenes with heavy dialogue and the action is really easy to follow.

Notte Nuda should please fans of classic Italian horror while also being fresh and original. This one is definitely a keeper…

– John Migliore

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