Director: Jon Keeyes
Cast: Johanna Stanton, Nicholas Ball, Debbie Rochon
Production Company: Highland Myst Entertainment
Runtime: 92 minutes

Did you ever wake up in a state of confusion? Maybe you didn’t even know where you were for a brief moment. Now, imagine not remembering anything else about your life too. Doom Room (2018) plays on our fear of isolation and total amnesia.

The movie is directed by Jon Keeyes, who’s also known for American Nightmare (2002), Hallow’s End (2003), Fall Down Dead (2007), Phobia (2013) and most recently The Harrowing (2018). This film was originally released as Nightmare Box in 2013…

In the movie, Jane Doe (Johanna Stanton) awakens inside a small room, trapped behind a locked door. She has no memory of how she got there, or anything else about her enigmatic life. She is plagued by a number of supernatural beings while trying to uncover the truth…


Most of the film’s events take place within a single room, but remain interesting thanks to the constant influx of strange characters and situations. The lighting and colour is also worth noting. In both cases, they make each scene visually interesting and a pleasure to watch.

Johanna Stanton from Grave Tales (2011) neatly depicts the confusion and suffering that her tortured character faces in the movie. Her character is the cornerstone of this film, and everything that happens relies on her feelings and reactions.

Debbie Rochon from Bloody Ballet (2018) is extremely creepy as a character known only as Wife. Her look reminded me a little of Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). She manages to always bring something special to her acting roles.


Nicholas Ball from Lifeforce (1985), Hayden Tweedie from Suburban Nightmare (2004), Matthew Tompkins from Howlers (2018), and Carl Kirshner from Enchantress (2011) all have interesting parts to play in this absorbing independent feature.

Doom Room is a psychological thriller that’s full of nightmarish allegory. It’s also a claustrophobic experience, charged with a dark sexuality. Get into it before you have to get out…

Watch for a bonus scene after the end credits…

– John Migliore

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