Director: Alberto Genovese
Cast: Marco Antonio Andolfi, Alessandro Bianchi, Giovanni De Giorgi
Production Company: Loboarts Production
Runtime: 92 minutes

Looking to take a walk on the weird side? Here’s a movie that’s tailor-made for your needs! Dolcezza Extrema (2015) is a science fiction film from Director Alberto Genovese that puts puppets on a mind-bending mission through a psychedelic cosmos…

In the movie, Captain Pixws and his crew are forced to deliver special UV lamps to the sun-starved outer reaches of space. King Grigorio is the absolute monarch of this galaxy, and will destroy anyone who gets in the way of his plans, including the crew of Dolcezza Extrema.

Genovese combines puppets, digital characters, and live action to create a truly surreal production. This film is clearly aimed at adults due to its subject matter. There’s plenty of sex, drug abuse, and violence in the movie. Even some adults may not be ready for this one!


The movie was released by Troma Entertainment as Sick Sock Monsters From Outer Space and can be viewed on Amazon Prime. Dolcezza Extrema fits in nicely with Lloyd Kaufman’s brand of cinema, and will likely please fans of highly peculiar movies.

If you enjoy science fiction movies like Medicated (2018), or adult-oriented puppet thrillers like Head (2015), then you’ll enjoy this one too. It’s an odd little cinematic niche, but an interesting one!

Marco Antonio Andolfi from Cross of the Seven Jewels (1987) plays King Grigorio. It’s strange to see a human face in this sort of movie, but it certainly adds to the variety of already-plentiful images.

Despite being a comedy, this film also takes serious aim at a number of behaviours that are prevalent in our modern culture. The cult of the body beautiful is parodied and criticized throughout the film. Drugs and organized religion also take their lumps in a comedic way.


The special effects are really ambitious for such a low-budget film. It looks like effects were added to nearly every shot in the movie. There’s always a lot going on visually, and this naturally leads to a very psychedelic experience for the viewer.

Death metal plays a big part in the movie, but other styles of music also creep into the film’s diverse soundtrack. Dolcezza Extrema creates a truly alien landscape that results in a psychotropic experience. You’ll trip without the need for troublesome narcotics…

– John Migliore

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