Director: J.M. Stelly
Cast: Brian Krause, Dane Rhodes, Manon Pages
Production Company: CS West Productions
Runtime: 101 minutes

Do you sometimes feel like there’s more to the world than meets the eye? Even weirder, have you ever felt you might be part of that strange world? The Demonologist (2018) by J.M. Stelly takes us on a supernatural journey that awakens the senses…

In the film, Damien Seryph (Brian Krause) is a detective investigating a series of murders that lead to a satanic cult. His past connects him to those responsible for the killings, drawing him deeper into a dark world. To solve the case he must become something more…

The Demonologist is a realistic police drama that evolves into a supernatural adventure. In many ways, it’s like Doctor Mordrid (1992) or even Doctor Strange (2016). A pragmatic man becomes entangled with mystical forces and redefines his role in the universe.


The movie plays out like the origin story for a magical comic book character. Damien’s true nature is slowly revealed over the course of the narrative. His new abilities are often spectacular and the occult events play out like a live-action graphic novel.

The film has great practical blood and gore effects that look realistic. They are supported by a host of digital effects that enhance the more supernatural moments. There are also some demonic characters that come to life thanks to fantastic makeup and prosthetics.

Brian Krause from Plan 9 (2015) does a wonderful job expressing the duality of his complex role. He seems equally adept at playing a hard-boiled cop as he is portraying a paranormal being. Manon Pages from Purgatory Road (2017) is both sexy and evil as Meredith.


The movie also features a number of talented actors from other indie horror films…

Dane Rhodes from Smothered (2016)
Kate Tumanova from American Exorcism (2017)
Jared Bankens from The Haunted (2017)
Thomas Francis Murphy from Gothic Harvest (2018)
Scott Allen Perry from Found Footage 3D (2016)
Lara Grice from The Final Destination (2009)
Jared Antoline from F5 Teraphobia (2018)
Keegan Macy from Within Madness (2015)
Jeff Pearson from The Inherited (2009)

The movie easily lends itself to a sequel, or perhaps even a series of films. The groundwork has definitely been set by this entertaining movie. The Demonologist will take you from this world to a much more sinister reality. Embrace the darkness it unveils…

– John Migliore

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