Director: Robert A. Trezza, Zachary Chase
Cast: Michael Ciesla, Saorise Stuhr, Bob Elardo
Production Company: Vicious Apple Productions
Runtime: 69 minutes

Andy Warhol predicted that someday everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes. Unfortunately, fame isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes, people become well-known for the tragic events that shape their lives. Maria’s Tale (2018) is an account of that kind…

In the movie, Maria (Saorise Stuhr) is an internet host that covers local events. Looking to draw more viewers, Maria decides to investigate the twisted occurrences that took place at a nearby asylum. She couldn’t have known that just trying to get there would be so dangerous!

The film begins with testimonials about Maria Ondropolus from various fans of her web show. These help to make you curious about her and the fate she encountered. We also hear from the creators of the documentary itself before we meet Maria and her crew…


Maria’s Tale is a found footage film populated with odd characters. Maria and her crew encounter two strange people in the woods that change the course of their lives. These individuals provide most of the craziness the movie has to offer us as viewers.

Michael Ciesla from Gods of Perdition (2018) plays George/Georgina. He’s maniacal in this bizarre role. He’s easily agitated and quite often driven to distraction. His dark obsession with all things related to Christmas and Baby Jesus is particularly weird.

Nicholas M. Garofolo from The VelociPastor (2018) also makes a brief appearance as Maria’s uncle. He’s one of the people interviewed about Maria’s life and times. We actually spend more time with the people who love Maria than the actual woman herself.


More interviews round out the movie and create a balance in the narrative. These moments also serve to clear up some of the questions left open by prior situations in the film. Strangely, it also means less time on screen for the main characters, who remain the focus of the documentary.

Maria’s Tale is a blend of found footage and documentary traditions. It shows that fame is fleeting at best and extremely hazardous at its worst. Your fifteen minutes are all used up…

– John Migliore

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