Director: Reinert Kiil
Cast: Julianne Aga, Pernille Baggeranas, Ida Malene Smith Bakke
Production Company: Sanctum Film
Runtime: 104 minutes

Oh, bring us a bloody pudding and a cup of dark fear! Christmas is a time to think about what we can do for others, not what Santa is going to do to us. Director Reinert Kiil gives us a new take on the Santa Claus killer in his film, Christmas Blood (2017).

In the movie, a murderer escapes from confinement and descends upon a small village. He terrorized people every Christmas for thirteen years before being captured, and is now ready to go back to his fiendish work. A group of friends happen to be having a reunion in the ill-fated town…

Drenched in shadows and gloom, Christmas Blood is an excellent example of Nordic noir. Originally entitled Juleblod, the movie was shot in Norway, blending in many elements from other holiday horror films and the slasher tradition in general.


The festive colours of Christmas are present too, though oftened consumed by darkness. Lighting takes an active role in setting the bleak mood of this picture. Shadows are also used to focus our view and to create an oppressive or claustrophobic state for the viewer.

The film is primarily in Norwegian, but there’s a lot of English thrown in too. In fact, many scenes play out without the need for dialogue, which helps the movie be more accessible. There’s even some sign language, due to one of the characters being deaf.

Classic Christmas songs are used ironically, or simply to provide a contrast to the events of the movie. The rapport and conflict between members of the group keeps things interesting. Of course, it’s the brutal and bloody slayings that will please horror fans the most…


It’s easy to compare this film to Black Christmas (1974) and Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) due to similar themes and events. This movie is a welcome addition to the genre, which has grown quite a bit in recent years. Axemas (2017) and Dead by Christmas (2018) come to mind…

Christmas Blood provides a creepy atmosphere and a touch of festive spirit. We won’t go until we get some…

– John Migliore

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