Director: Dan Bringhurst
Cast: Liz Baxter, Dan Bringhurst, Chelle Nixon
Production Company: Bringhurst Films
Runtime: 16 minutes

Do you have a penchant for the bizarre? Not happy until you’re thoroughly disgusted? Well, have I got a short film for you! See Dan Bringhurst’s Whiskers and the Terrible Hole (2018).

In the short, Danielle (Liz Baxter) is contemplating suicide when she meets up with a mutilated lunatic. Can Danielle and her cat Whiskers possibly survive the terrifying ordeal?

Whiskers is a weird puppet that appears early in the film. This odd creature let’s you know not to take what’s going on too seriously. There are other clues too…

The film has a crazy premise that involves a gory hole where someone’s private parts should be located. It’s not really just a hole either. There’s something sinister going on down there…


Some great visual effects accompany this surreal story. They really help to make the events of the film seem nightmarish and even psychedelic in places.

The meaty makeup effects are pretty startling and definitely gross! There were even a few times where I wondered how they achieved the bloody effects…

Bringhurst is also the creator of an online film festival known as Film Festival Five. He appears in this short too, in the role of the dismembered psychopath.

Whiskers and the Terrible Hole goes for the gross-out! It’ll boggle your mind and tickle your tummy. Basically, a fun time for most horror fans…

– John Migliore

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