Director: Luke Meneok
Cast: Courtney Make, David Kolenski
Production Company: Video McNasties
Runtime: 10 minutes

The search for perfection comes in many forms. For some it means looking just right, while others see it as achieving a difficult goal. High Tea (2017) presents its own unique need for excellence.

In the short, a young woman wakes up, only to find herself bound to a chair in an old shack. A masked murderer enters and gives her three chances to escape. She must roll the perfect joint…

The short features David Kolenski as The Meathead, a character who also appeared in two other short films by Meneok, entitled The Art of the Wushu (2015) and Blackbags (2012).

The mask worn by The Meathead is pretty iconic, combining terror with a touch of whimsy. It will be interesting to see where this character turns up next…


The comedy rises from a twisted tea party that turns into a game of life or death. It’s a horrific situation, but the reactions of the characters make it funny.

Shaky camera movements are used to express The Meathead’s anger and frustration. This trick is very effective, and even adds to the satire in its own way.

The music by Schmoog Lebowski works well too, and is a throwback to the kind of compositions normally found in horror movies from the eighties.

High Tea successfully brings together horror and high times. Take a big hit…

– John Migliore

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