Director: James Dylan
Cast: Ron Thompson, Eliot, Danika Fields
Production Company: Princ Films
Runtime: 80 minutes

Imagine being both rich and powerful. It’s an attractive thought, isn’t it? Now imagine the enemies you may have accumulated on your way to the top. Director James Dylan shows us the dangers of wealth and power in his first feature film [Cargo] (2018)…

In the movie, a man wakes up inside a cargo container and discovers that he’s been kidnapped. He soon receives a call from his captor, who tells him to raise ten million dollars in ransom. If he can’t do so in just twenty-four hours, he will be killed…

Ron Thompson from American Pop (1981) is captivating as Anthony Peterson. He’s the only person in every scene, so his performance is absolutely crucial to the movie. He has a wide range of emotions to portray in this film, most of which are quite intense.


As a matter of fact, no one else was even considered for this dramatic role. It was specifically written for Thompson by Dylan. J.C. Maçek III wrote the novelization based on his script, and also plays two different characters in the movie.

Eliot from Tales of Frankenstein (2018) provides the voice of the kidnapper. His tone is perfect for this kind of role. The movie also features the voices of Jose Rosete from President Evil (2018) and Matthew Rosvally from Haunted Routes: Evil East Coast Highway (2017).

Music contributes a great deal to the success of this movie. The film’s soundtrack by Thorseten Quaeschning’s Picture Palace Music is often exciting and forceful.


The sound design is also very important. A lot of action takes place that we can only hear over the phone. In this way, the movie sometimes resembles a radio drama. Interesting angles and camera movements also keep the narrative visually interesting to watch.

There’s a lot to enjoy here besides the film’s novel premise.

[Cargo] is a one-man show that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s an interesting combination of films like Saw (2004) and Buried (2010). It’s physical and psychological torture packed in a not-so-easy to open can that doesn’t come with its own key…

– John Migliore

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