Director: Randy Smith
Cast: Allison Harris, Joel Elliott, Victoria Luloff
Production Company: Vishus Films
Runtime: 10 minutes

Do you enjoy shows like Ghost Hunters or The Dead Files? Then you should definitely give Randy Smith’s new film Ghost Houndz (2018) a look…

In the movie, a group of paranormal investigators are shooting in an old chemical factory. They soon discover that they are not alone…

The film is a well-crafted mix of found footage and a more traditional cinematic style. The combination allows the best of both worlds, while avoiding the usual trappings of the genre.

Ghost Houndz follows many of the traditions you’d expect from a film about paranormal investigation. Direct camera views and infrared night vision are both used effectively.


Joel Elliott from Countrycide (2017) plays Luthor, the beleaguered host of Ghost Houndz. He’s great in the role, and delivers some of the film’s lighter moments.

Allison Harris from Monster Pool: Chapter Two (2016) is sassy and quick-thinking as Bridget, the conceited new co-host on the show.

April Campbell and Leslie Cserepy from Monster Pool: Seven Deadly Sins (2017) and Victoria Luloff from Horror and Hamsters (2018) round out the excellent cast.

I also enjoyed the role social media plays in the narrative. You can see people’s reactions to events on Bridget’s phone. Some are convinced everything is real, while others think it’s fake.

Ghost Houndz is spooky and has some great visual effects too. Scare it up and feast your eyes…

– John Migliore

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