Director: George Vatistas
Cast: Robert W. Smith, Daniel Mitura, C.J. Gelfand
Production Company: AireBedd Productions
Runtime: 9 minutes

“When the gods want to punish you, they answer your prayers.” — Karen Blixen

“Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.” — Old Chinese Proverb

Sometimes what we want isn’t necessarily good for us. Director George Vatistas illustrates this idea in his short film The Hobbyist (2016).

In the movie, a mysterious man seeks out the aid of a druggist, who may be able to provide him with the undetectable poison he desires…

The story is based on an interesting and original short story by Fredric Brown. There’s a very clever twist that changes the direction of events about half way into the film.


Robert W. Smith provides a creepy performance as the druggist in the film. His ominous voice really sells every line. Smith was a finalist for best actor at the Edmonton Festival of Fear in 2017.

Daniel Mitura also does a wonderful job in the role of Sangstrom. He expertly conveys the desperation of his character. He was also a finalist at the festival mentioned above.

In fact, the movie has won several awards and was nominated for even more.

This short has a great cinematic look. The warm lighting and rich colour make it a pleasure to watch. The old-fashioned drug store setting is also of note.

The Hobbyist is suspenseful and engaging in an artistic way. You know you want it…

– John Migliore

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