Director: Michael Coulombe
Cast: Taylor Murphy-Sinclair
Production Company: Horror House Media
Runtime: 5 minutes

Online challenges are all the rage. If your best friend decided to eat laundry detergent, would you do it too? Some of these dares are more dangerous than others…

Director Michael Coulombe brings us a short film about the power of the internet. Soundbite (2018) shows us how we can be negatively influenced by social media.

In the short, a woman watches a streaming video with disastrous results…

Soundbite is also the first movie produced for Horror House Media, which is a new digital platform for short horror film content.


The film features Taylor Murphy-Sinclair from Russian Doll (2016) and Fame Dogs (2016) in a silent, but physically challenging role.

Coulombe has also directed other short genre films including Ax (2013), Pains of the Past (2015), and The Deal (2015). It will be interesting to see what he will produce next…

Soundbite is a horror short you should check out. Just be sure to keep a reasonable distance from your computer while doing so…

– John Migliore

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