Director: Stuart Stone
Cast: Hannah Gordon, Mike Taylor, Umed Amin
Production Company: 5’7 Films
Runtime: 85 minutes

It’s an old story. A bunch of kids go where they don’t belong, and suffer the consequences. That doesn’t mean it can’t be told in new and interesting ways! Director Stuart Stone takes us on a fresh ride that has a few familiar twists with Scarecrows (2017).

In the movie, a group of teenagers seek out a hidden lagoon beyond a huge cornfield, despite warnings to stay away. Once there, they set out to have a good time. However, someone is lurking in the talk stalks of corn. Someone who wants to turn them into scarecrows…

The movie features some terrific familiar faces: Hannah Gordon from Hurt (2018), Austin Duffy from The Heretics (2017), and Sammi Barber from The Haunted House on Kirby Road (2016). Mike Taylor and Maaor Ziv are also great in their roles.


Scarecrows is a loving throwback to a time when annoying teenagers would make ironic statements while having sex, just before they brutally die. I’m all for the return of this style of horror cinema! The characters are supposed to get on your nerves, but even they don’t deserve what’s coming.

The movie features some brief male nudity that appears to be a take on similar events from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984). Switching up the expected female nudity for a man doing almost the same thing puts a modern twist on things.

There are some naturally funny moments and lines that come about in an organic way. I was impressed that the comedic moments weren’t forced, and served to create a counterbalance to the terror that comes later on. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of horror to be had…


The scarecrows in the movie do look terrifying. They’re just victims wearing stitched burlap hoods, but they are truly freaky. They’re the most iconic part of this feature. I also enjoyed that each one of them seemed to have a personality of their own.

The killer in this film has a creepy whistle that sometimes signals his impending arrival. That reminded me of the whistling psychos from Twisted Nerve (1968) and Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003). Clearly, Stone has a lot of respect for classic genre films from the past.

Fans of movies like Children of the Corn (1984) and Wolf Creek (2005) will definitely be able to get into this one. There are plenty of scenes of torture and gore that are really intense. Scarecrows will knock the stuffing out of you…


Producer Adam Rodness and Director Stuart Stone have recently received complaints from farmers, stating that teens have been trespassing on their property in order to imitate the events of their movie. Here’s the official statement on the situation…

“Please, while we are incredibly flattered that you liked our film, we implore everyone to not copy what you see on TV or in the movies. Trespassing is illegal and could be outright dangerous. You and your friends could get SHOT AND KILLED, and it’s just not worth it. We do however encourage everyone to get high and watch the movie from the safety of your own homes!” – Stuart Stone

No word yet if the farmers are also imitating the grisly events. Will keep you posted…

– John Migliore

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