Director: Michael Wong
Cast: Yanhu Wang, Li Lu, Myra Mala
Production Company: E&T Films
Runtime: 2 minutes

A lot of people have tattoos, but there are just as many who are terrified by needles. The Tattooist (2018) conveys the delicate balance between art and terror…

In the movie, an acclaimed tattooist has a dark obsession. Those that receive his work are then drugged, imprisoned, and brutally tortured. Can they possibly escape this mad artist’s grasp?

The film is noteworthy for its dizzying camera movements and vibrant lighting. It’s a horror film, but that doesn’t stop it from being pretty to look at too…

There’s copious amounts of blood and many violence scenes, especially considering the short length of this film. It’s designed to look like a teaser trailer.


The music by Found In The Attic is fantastic. It’s playful and sinister at the same time. The short has almost no dialogue, so the music is especially important.

The Tattooist is a micro-short that implies a longer feature is in the works. I’d definitely like to see a full length version of this creepy story…

The film has won a number of awards at film festivals worldwide. You could have watched the movie in the time it took you to read this review! Click the link below…

– John Migliore

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