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Director: Matt Wisniewski
Cast: Jaz Frazier, Fred Polone
Production Company: Well Worn Boot
Runtime: 8 minutes

Killer dolls play a big role in today’s horror films. Annabelle and Chucky come to mind. Director Matt Wisniewski brings us a new contender in Pappy’s World (2018)…

In the movie, a young woman receives a killer doll for Christmas. It comes to life and sets weird events into motion. Maybe Grandpa can save the day…

Wisniewski made this film in Buffalo, New York. His interests in practical effects, puppetry, westerns, horror movies, and American history are all present here.

Political correctness is gleefully tossed to the wind in this one. The film takes some unexpected turns and is more than a little crazy at times.

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The short has awesome cinematography by Pat Depuy, and eye-catching lighting that’s full of colour. The puppetry is also effective, and often quite funny.

The music in the film is a satisfying blend of new works and public domain classics. Wisniewski also makes interesting use of old war footage.

Pappy’s World is a bizarre combination of Song and the South (1946) and Child’s Play (1988). For that alone, it must be seen! Merry Christmas…

– John Migliore

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