Director: Alex Noyer
Cast: Jukka Hilden, Kelli Jordan, Michael Maclane
Production Company: You Know Films
Runtime: 7 minutes

William Congreve once wrote “music has charms to soothe a savage breast” and he’s right—for the most part. There are other times when music can be a real killer!

Conductor reveals a darker side to popular music…

In the movie, a sound engineer helps a young musician to compose a memorable beat. How could he have known that there would be devastating consequences?

Conductor is Alex Noyer’s directorial debut, and it’s a fine way to start his career. The short is visually interesting and the sound mixing is expertly done.


The film also made me consider the high costs of ambition and stardom. For everyone that achieves their dreams, is there someone else who suffers for it?

I also enjoyed how the view changed from widescreen to phone screen images where appropriate. The film also has a great twist ending that I won’t spoil here…

Conductor is currently making the rounds at film festivals. Watch for it…

– John Migliore

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