Director: Ken Comito, Melanie Comito, Victoria King, Josh Spiegel
Cast: Addy Miller, Emily Johnson-Erday, Reanna Roane
Production Company: Brain Juice Productions
Runtime: 90 minutes

Ghost stories, psychological thrillers, and cautionary tales can all be fun, but why settle for just one when you can have them all? Witching Hour (2014) is a anthology film from Brain Juice Productions that’s comprised of several spooky stories…

In the framing sequence, two women purchase a mystical clock from an antique shop. One of them happens to be deaf, and is unaffected by the device. The other hears a demonic voice coming from the evil time piece. It beguiles her with its sinister stories…

In Gone, a woman mourns the loss of her daughter on the anniversary of her death. Her husband acts like he’d rather forget she ever existed. The clock plays one against the other. This segment is like a domestic drama with deadly consequences.


Misfortune is the story of a man who is spiritually drawn into an occult shop. He receives a tarot card reading from a medium, but it doesn’t go as expected. Interesting angles, vibrant lighting, and quick cuts all help to make this segment more compelling.

In The Birthday Present, a father hires a clown to torment his daughter on her special day. Clowns are creepy, but little girls can be weird too. This tale stars Addy Miller from The Walking Dead and Plan 9 (2015). It also features a few surprises along the way…

The Rules of Being Dead teaches us a little about what it’s like to be a ghost. The rules appear on screen in the same way as those seen in Zombieland (2009). This segment does a wonderful job of showing how frustrating it is to be trapped between this world and the next.

In Let There Be Dark, a man receives treatment for nyctophobia. His intense fear of the dark hides a much deeper problem. This story is a psychological study that crosses over into the supernatural. The acting here is quite dramatic too…


Blood Writes is the saga of a writer who sells his soul for fame and fortune. Of course, there’s always a catch. This segment was made all the more special considering it’s about someone writing the script for the movie being watched!

Patrick Ferrara from In the Devil’s Courthouse (2011) plays the shop owner in the movie. The stories tie together nicely by the end. This film was followed by Witching Hour II (2016). I haven’t seen it yet, but will look forward to it…

Witching Hour brings together a bunch of eerie legends and makes them one coherent story. Pull the covers up to your chin and prepare for a sleepless night…

– John Migliore

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