Director: Jamaal Burden
Cast: Deanna Grace Congo, Stephanie Marie Baggett, Amy Jo Guthrie
Production Company: Pikchure Zero
Runtime: 80 minutes

Horror movies often take place on Halloween, Friday the 13th, or even Christmas. What’s scary about the most wonderful time of the year? Well, some of our holiday traditions are pretty weird. The naughty list comes to mind. Elves (2018) taps into what makes Christmas creepy…

In the movie, a group of friends add themselves to a naughty list, thinking it’s just part of a game. When one of them is killed, they discover that there are elves that represent each of the seven deadly sins. These creatures will stop at nothing to destroy them…

This film is a sequel to The Elf (2017), but diverges from the path of its predecessor. Lisa May returns as Torrie (she was Tiffany in the first one) and Amy Jo Guthrie is also back as Sky. The original Elf doll is here too, but it has a different role this time around.


Deanna Grace Congo from The 13th Friday (2017) leads the fight against the demonic elves. Stephanie Marie Baggett from The Fungus Among Us (2018) also appears as Leah. Both women are convincing in there roles and entertaining to watch.

The main focus is on possession this time, rather than living dolls. The group is cursed for entering their names into a naughty list, causing them to want to kill themselves, or each other. Murderous elves do eventually show up, but they’re not pint-sized dolls in this one.

I’m impressed that the movie didn’t follow the same formula as the first one, giving us something totally different instead. Not many sequels have the guts to make that kind of decision. The two movies still connect in a logical way despite the changes…


The possessions are usually signalled by the distorted faces of those being controlled by the elves. The same eerie effect was used recently in Within the Darkness (2016). It’s effective, and lets us know who’s who in a movie filled with changing roles.

The characters are marked for death and die in a particular order, just like those in Final Destination (2000). The game aspect and some of the taunting that takes place was reminiscent of Saw (2004). One kill is similar to a gruesome scene from The Untouchables (1987).

Watching Elves won’t put you in Santa’s good graces, but it’s a fiendishly good time just the same. Do try to keep your name off the naughty list this year…

– John Migliore

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