Director: Andrew J.D. Robinson
Cast: Julie Landriault, Johnny Elston, Ricky Elston
Production Company: WORKOBEY Films
Runtime: 17 minutes

Happy Halloween! Time for spooky costumes and lots of sticky candy. What could go wrong? We Know You Are Home (2018) shows us the dark possibilities…

In the movie, Alice is asked to house-sit on Halloween night. She’s not expecting any trick or treaters, especially considering three children went missing the previous year…

Indirectly, this short film makes an important point about Halloween security for children. This special day should be a fun time for kids, not one filled with real terror.


Julie Landriault plays the lead role of Alice in We Know You Are Home. She does a wonderful job conveying her terror, even though she’s alone for most of the movie.

Scenes from an old educational film entitled, Halloween Safety surface during the end credits. The film was made in 1977, and is nostalgic fun on its own.

Clips from Night of the Living Dead (1968) also appear in the short, and parts of its musical score are used effectively in early scenes.


When Summer is Gone by The Columbians is another well-chosen addition to the soundtrack. The inclusion of so much public domain material gives the short a timeless quality.

Fragments of this movie were used to make an even shorter film that was released earlier this year. Trick r’ Treat has the same eerie vibe, but leaves out the details.

We Know You Are Home creates a creepy atmosphere that’s perfect for this time of year. Let’s hope that the tragedy we see in the movie doesn’t ever creep into reality…

– John Migliore

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