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Director: Todd Jason Cook
Cast: Rebecca Torrellas, Mike Gebbie, Kathryn René Ginzel
Production Company: Screamtime Films
Runtime: 100 minutes

Zombies, man. They creep me out. Add a masked killer to the mix and now you’ve got the potential for something really fun! Director Todd Jason Cook’s film Zombiefied (2012) is an entertaining mash-up of two scary genres. When the two meet, it’s murder…

In the movie, a serial killer uses an enchanted song to create flesh-eating zombies. The only ones who might be able to stop him are those who lived through a similar attack many years ago. Will their plan save the day, or will they only succeed in making things worse?

This film is a sequel to Death Metal Zombies (1995) and features some of the same cast members. Mike Gebbie, Todd Jason Cook, and Sabrina Cook are all back for more zombie action. There are a few flashback scenes that tie the two movies together.

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Zombiefied gleefully incorporates the living dead into the slasher genre, and comes up with something decidedly different. This idea combines voodoo zombies from films like White Zombie (1932) with their fast-moving counterparts from Dawn of the Dead (2004).

The decision to have the killer wear a Richard Nixon mask simply adds to the fun. I laughed pretty hard when Joe Grisaffi from Party Night (2017) referred to him as the Tricky Dick Killer! He’s an offbeat assassin with an unusual approach…

Tayvis Dunnahoe play both the killer and a hard-headed cop in the movie. This combination of roles is pretty interesting, since one character is silent, while the other is loud and obnoxious. Dunnahoe is completely over-the-top as the oblivious police officer!

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The film also has a lot of nudity, drug use, violence, and gore. There’s some cool musical performances at the start of the movie too. In fact, a hard-rocking musical score accompanies most of the action. There you have it, friends. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll!

Zombiefied offers up buckets of blood, ravenous zombies, and a serial killer that won’t quit. It gives us a new way of looking at cinematic monsters we’ve enjoyed in the past…

– John Migliore

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