Director: Todd Sheets
Cast: Eli DeGeer, Ana Rojas Plumberg, Millie Milan
Production Company: Extreme Entertainment
Runtime: 85 minutes

Classic monsters like werewolves and vampires always make for entertaining cinema. It’s often fun to see what new ideas are added to existing traditions. Director Todd Sheets rings in the new without abandoning the old with his film, Bonehill Road (2017).

In the movie, a mother and her daughter escape from an abusive man, only to run into deeper trouble. Their car breaks down, leaving them stranded and surrounded by werewolves. They go to a house in search of safety and protection, but soon find another reason for terror…

Domestic abuse and the need for personal safety for women are important themes in this movie. The film has a predominantly female cast, and they are constantly placed in dangerous situations. The werewolves aren’t the only monsters in this story.


Linnea Quigley from The Return of the Living Dead (1985) has a significant cameo appearance as an abused woman. Quigley has had dozens of minor roles like this one, and always manages to infuse her performances with a significant amount of energy.

There are many moments here that may bring to mind scenes from other horror movies. The women are trapped in a car at one point, which made me think of Cujo (1983) and Day of the Animals (1977). The change in the story’s focus reminded me of From Dusk Till Dawn (1996).

Sheets even throws in a little Night of the Living Dead (1968) to complete the picture. All of these similarities only serve to add to the movie’s charm. It’s an entertaining ride!


The creature designs and special effects in the movie are all very well done. Those that like their horror films dripping with gore will find plenty to love about this movie. There’s a werewolf transformation scene that really delivers too! Great stuff…

Bonehill Road delivers awesome werewolves, bloody gore, and more than a few surprises. The fact that it takes the time to make some relevant social commentary along the way is an added bonus. Hang around for one more unexpected scene after the final credits roll…

– John Migliore

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