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Director: Curtis Everitt
Cast: Leslie Stewart, Danny Zanelotti, Abigail Holmes
Production Company: Saint Studios Films
Runtime: 53 minutes

Dracula has been adapted many times over the long history of horror cinema. Even micro-budget filmmakers have taken the plunge from time to time. Director Curtis Everitt provides us with a new look at the age-old story with his film, Queen Dracula (2017).

In the movie, Jonathan Harker (Danny Zanelotti) is summoned to Transylvania, and eventually returns home with a new wife. His daughters are shocked and threatened by this sudden development. Queen Dracula (Leslie Stewart) is about to leave her mark on their pathetic lives…

Queen Dracula is a modern retelling of Bram Stoker’s Dracula with a a few significant differences. Many of the characters remain the same, but their roles have been flipped around. For instance, Jonathan is the main target of Dracula instead of his youngest daughter, Mina.

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The cast consists of a number of indie horror performers we’ve seen before, including Cynthia Bonner from Ripple (2017), Jonathan Dixon from And Then There Was Blood (2017), Melanie Calvert Benton from Bad Behavior (2015), and Davis Coen from Doctor S (2018).

The film also features performances by Christopher Michael Griffin and Sadie Hebert from Jagged Mind (2017), along with Kirsty Hatfield and Meredith Mohler from Triggered (2018).

The movie often utilizes green screen effects to establish even the most common settings. This makes everything you see seem odd, and more than a little surrealistic. This adds to the dreamlike attributes that prevail throughout most of the film.

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The bond between Lucy and Mina is one of the film’s greatest strengths. Emily Burns-Miller and Abigail Holmes do a good job supporting each other in their respective roles.

Queen Dracula is a low-budget adaptation of a classic novel that has some modern updates. It was interesting to see the changes incorporated by Everitt and his production crew…

– John Migliore

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