Director: Rob Michels
Cast: Jason Phelps, Rob Michels, Shayne White
Production Company: Screaming Like Banshees Productions
Runtime: 64 minutes

Micro-budget filmmaking works best when it comes to horror movies. You may not watch a cheaply made drama or action film, but horror is different. It entertains at every level. Director Rob Michels offers up some low-budget goodness with Halloween Mind Massacre (2018).

In the movie, Carl must deal with violent hallucinations as he slowly goes out of his mind. His doctor has supplied him with experimental medications, but their side effects are now out of control. It doesn’t help matters that all of this takes place on Halloween…

The film opens with a fake trailer for a movie called Death Breath. It’s full of cheezy goodness like rubber heads chopped from fake bodies, high volumes of squirting blood, blow up axes that droop into action and so much more! Not bad for only the first few minutes…


In some ways, Halloween Mind Massacre is almost an anthology film. There are plenty of little side stories that are part of the main narrative. Carl views some wacky stuff on television, and watches as the food in his fridge come to life through stop motion animation.

There’s even some footage from The Lurking (2015), Michels’ first feature that’s thrown in for good measure…

The special makeup effects by Shayne White are fun and really inventive, especially considering the film’s modest budget. One of the characters is ripped in half, and what follows is a truly resourceful and amusing segment of the movie.

The film has its roots in other horror movies and plays to them very well. Some scenes may remind you of Zombie Holocaust (1980), Brain Damage (1988), and Re-Animator (1985). The music used in the movie even sounds like a homage to the works of Goblin.


This is definitely a film that fans of Troma and Lloyd Kaufman would enjoy. There’s a lot of funny scenes mixed in with the gore and violence. It’s a formula that usually works for movies like this one. It may make for some weird moments, but they’re usually also entertaining ones…

Halloween Mind Massacre is a mind-numbing good time! There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on, so hold on tight as your ride through this bizarre film. I’m so glad I saw this movie the day after marijuana became legal in Canada! Might need to watch this one again soon…

– John Migliore

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