Director: Joe Clarke
Cast: Anthony Stratton, Hays McEachern, Michael Vlamis
Production Company: Backrow Studios
Runtime: 90 minutes

Are things really the way we perceive them? Are those around us who we believe them to be? Are we? In the end, is everything merely determined by our own perspective? These are some of the challenging questions that come to mind while watching Joe Clarke’s Spiral (2018).

In the movie, a group of old college friends come together for a wild bachelor party. The next day, the groom goes missing under very mysterious circumstances. Ellis (Anthony Stratton) leads his friends in what will soon become a surreal and nightmarish search.

The rapport and conflict among the main characters is one of the film’s strong points. The guys go from moments of cheer, to bitter rivalry and despair. Their strained relationships remain believable and constant throughout all of these changes.


There’s a sense of impending disaster that starts to build even in the earliest moments of the film. Long before anything remotely supernatural happens, the behaviour of some of the characters lets you know that things are not going to end well.

This movie is deeply influenced by David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Both feature the sins and secrets of a small town, intentionally distressing music and imagery, and a host of odd characters. Clarke is able to use similar themes while still giving us a new and provocative story.

The use of extreme camera angles from both above and below adds to the overall unsettling effect. So does the extreme lighting and bewildering sound effects. Unanswered questions will leave you thinking about the movie’s weird events for some time.


The movie may begin with a rowdy bachelor party, but it shifts into some psychologically disturbing content long before the end. We are taken from what appears to be a standard college sex comedy to a dark world where nothing is easy to comprehend.

Spiral will spin you around and leave you guessing. Your mind may never be the same again…

– John Migliore

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