Director: Marc Cartwright
Cast: Nosheen Phoenix, Baker Chase Powell, Alex Diehl
Production Company: Glass Cabin Films
Runtime: 13 minutes

You say tomato, I say chainsaw massacre. Some people love horror movies, others aren’t so fond of them. Director Marc Cartwright explores this classic struggle in his short film Vexed (2016).

In the movie, a young man questions his partner’s interest in horror films. She loves them, but he finds them predictable and not very scary. Their romantic date night is about to go terribly wrong…

The couple discusses the merits and shortcomings of a film called Blood Summer 4: Beach Vacation Massacre. We don’t get to see any of it, but it sure sounds good!


The movie only exists within the world of the short, but I still enjoyed seeing the cheezy DVD cover art that goes with it…

It was also fun to see references to other types of horror media in the movie. Fangoria Magazine and a copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz are both featured prominently.

It’s usually the male character who loves terror flicks, but here the roles are reversed. The change is a good one for variety’s sake, but also because female horror fans are definitely out there!


This short has some really cool-looking weird characters, and mind-blowing creature effects that will catch your attention. Can’t say too much about that without giving it all away…

Vexed is for anyone who’s ever had their love of horror questioned in some way. You shall have your bloody revenge and still have time for popcorn.

Now, if only Blood Summer 4: Beach Vacation Massacre was real…

– John Migliore

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