Director: Aaron K. Carter
Cast: Mel Novak, Frankie Pozos, Aaron Guerrero
Production Company: Rotten Productions
Runtime: 96 minutes

Crime and horror go together like rotting flesh and sticky blood. An Hour to Kill from director Aaron K. Carter combines these two cinematic genres, while following many of the traditions that make them interesting on their own.

An Hour to Kill is also the wrap-around story for this anthology film. A pair of assassins need to pass the time before their next big hit. They decide to entertain themselves by sharing scary stories. The hitmen try to surpass each other with the quality of their gruesome tales…

This segment features Mel Novak from Black Belt Jones (1974), Game of Death (1978), and Holy Terror (2017) as Mr. Kinski. Aaron Guerrero from Dead Kansas (2013) and Frankie Pozos provide solid performances as the assassins. Veronica Ricci from Bloody Mary 3D (2011) is here too.

Pick-up artists Arash Dibazar and Vince Kelvin also do a great job as the film’s ruthless villains.


Valkyrie’s Bunker is the story of an abandoned Nazi base hidden in a remote location somewhere in the Santa Monica Mountains. Five young women decide to explore the bunker and the surrounding area, only to find that the past is still very much alive.

Amanda Rau from Living Among Us (2018), Jola Cora from Lady of Lafayette (2016), and Stephanie Strehlow from Devil’s Domain (2016) all appear in this chapter of the movie. The location itself is pretty cool too. It’s totally demolished and covered in vivid graffiti.

Assacre tells the story of two spiteful men who decide to get even with the winner of a burrito-eating contest. They give him the mother of all chili peppers, which leads to tragic and gastric results. This is the most comedic and gross segment of the film.

You’ll see Brendan Mitchell from Witchcraft 14: Angel of Death (2016), Gabriel Mercado from Killer Waves (2016), and Luna Meow from Things 4 (2017) in this wacky fable. This segment is fun and a really disgusting example of body horror.


Hog Hunters is about a bunch of rednecks who have their sites set on a night of hogging. They soon encounter Farmer Zed who loves his pigs way more than he should. This epic adventure has moments of bestiality, fat shaming, excessive drinking, and a hint of racism!

This outrageous part of the movie has Cal Alexander from Dead Kansas (2013), Joe McQueen from Zombie Ed (2013), and Keisuke Akizawa from Gehenna: Where Death Lives (2016). You might just squeal with delight while watching this one!

Once the fateful hour is up, the assassins make their move. It doesn’t exactly go down as expected! There are a few surprises in store for you before this tale reaches its conclusion. Be sure to keep watching until after the credits have rolled to catch one last scene.

An Hour to Kill is a great way to pass the time for fans of horror and crime fiction…

– John Migliore

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