Directors: P.J. Starks, Jakob Bilinski, Nathan T. Milliner, John K. Muir, Lee Vervoort
Cast: Roni Jonah, Jeff Armstrong, Jim O’Rear
Production Company: Verite Cinema
Runtime: 96 minutes

Are you just lurking around wanting to see a scary movie? Having a hard time deciding what to watch? Why not catch a flick that has a little bit of everything? Or is that little bits of everything? Volumes of Blood (2015) may be the exactly what you crave…

Volumes of Blood is a horror anthology consisting of five stories from Verite Cinema and the creators of the Unscripted Film School. Each segment is directed by a different independent filmmaker and takes place in a library. The focus is on urban legends coming to life…

Lynn Lowry from I Drink Your Blood (1970), The Crazies (1973), Shivers (1975), and Hell’s Kitty (2018) is the executive producer of this movie.


The movie also features Roni Jonah from Shark Exorcist (2015), Jim O’Rear from Red Lips: Eat the Living (2005), Kristine Renee Farley from The Creepy Doll (2011), Jason Crowe from Harvest Lake (2016) and other great indie movie performers.

That’s a Wrap is the wrap-around story that holds the film together. Four people discuss stories that they’d like to see spread around as urban legends. It’s not one that ends in a predictable manner! In fact, the whole dynamic changes a few times, leaving you always guessing.

A Little Pick Me Up is about a woman who tries a new energy drink called Ka-Pow. The effects are more powerful than she ever dreamed! This segment is all about grossing you out with some nasty gore and a body-horror theme.

Ghastly is a freaky tale about a librarian haunted by a female ghost and a particular book. This segment is in black and white and has a creepy supernatural tone.

13 After Midnight is when the monsters come out in this movie. A woman is stalked by a relentless furry beast with evil intentions. This one has a great twist ending…


Encyclopedia Satanica is the most tense and dramatic segment. A satanic book is discovered in the library and a woman is tempted to indulge in its secrets. This one has elements that may remind you of The Monkey’s Paw by W. W. Jacobs. Great music and camera movements too…

There are so many references to other horror movies, both well-known and more obscure, that it’s hard to catch them all. I’d love to spend a day just researching them! There’s also a brief opening segment that perfectly captures the style of an 80s slasher film.

Volumes of Blood has a pleasing variety of stories, very inventive kills, and of course, lots of blood. This is a volume that’s definitely worth checking out…

– John Migliore

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