Director: Sébastien Godin
Cast: Ethan Clifford, Mairead Traxler, Chris Mathias
Production Company: Melting Man Films
Runtime: 50 minutes

Little monsters have been tearing through movies for decades now. What is it about them that seem to catch hold of our collective imaginations? Director Sébastien Godin aims to find the answer in his newest film Slimoids (2018).

In the movie, a mad doctor creates tiny beings that carry out her fiendish plans. They spread terror and commit murder while a pair of bumbling detectives search for them in vain. Can the brother of one of the victims save the day, or will he pay the ultimate price too?

The movie is written and directed by Sébastien Godin, who also gave us Lycanimator (2018) this year. He’s also known for his short films The Fix (2015), Ghoulish (2017) and Fleshflower (2018). Godin is a rising talent and will soon release his next film Ouija Mummy (2019).


Brinke Stevens from Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988), Brett Kelly from My Dead Girlfriend (2006), Luc Bernier from Amityville: Evil Never Dies (2017) and other notable indie performers show up in fun cameo roles.

There’s also a lot of humour in the movie. Steve Walls got me every time with his expressive faces and comic delivery. Rain Tae from the upcoming Creature from Cannibal Creek (2018) is also funny as an oddball robber named Lew.

The creatures by Dustin Mills are colourful and cute in a grotesque way. They’re all very different from each other as well. The tentacles and creature claws by Toby Johansen were also cool.

This film easily fits into the Troma school of filmmaking, thanks to its weird puppets, kooky moments, and nasty green slime. The acting is sometimes over the top which should be expected in this kind of movie, and is another thing similar to the works of Lloyd Kaufman.


Little creature films have been around since Gremlins (1984) and have continued to emerge all the way up to modern times with the release of Ghastlies (2016). This film does a good job of creating a loving homage to the genre.

The music by Dakota Drobnicki helped the movie to achieve that 1980s vibe. The song “Payback is a Beast” written by Mike Trebilcock and performed by Sematary Spawn was another of the film’s many highlights.

Slimoids is packed with little creatures, bloody murders, silly moments, and you guessed it, sticky green slime. Puppet monsters prove to be entertaining once more…

– John Migliore

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